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About Us.

We simplify Data Protection and Privacy compliance.

We are experts in the field with deep knowledge in global data protection and privacy.



DP3R is a niche consultancy focusing on all matters relating to data protection and privacy compliance. We are the only data protection and privacy focussed consultancy in the GCC owned and managed by GCC citizens.  We understand the value of personal information and the impact of rules and regulations like the UAE Federal Decree Law No.45 of 2021, the Saudi Royal Decree M/19 dated 09/02/1443H, Bahrain Law No.30 of 2018, the EU General Data Protection Regulations 2016/679 (GDPR) has on your business.


DP3R was founded to address the demand for data protection and privacy expertise.  


We provide a holistic service to comply with various data protection and privacy laws.

We can support you in managing your compliance obligations.

We also believe that an organisation's culture around compliance can be a key differentiator in the market when it comes to trust and appeal with consumers, customers, or clients. At DP3R, we help you achieve your ambitions in compliant, pragmatic and ethical way. Over the years our experts have interacted with and regulated thousands of organisations in various jurisdictions, so we are best placed to support you on your journey.

Our services include:

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Who we are

We are experts with unparalleled experience in the field of data protection and privacy compliance. The use of personal data is a key component of all successful businesses. Our proposition is a holistic solution that approaches compliance in a pragmatic way. Our leadership team are on the forefront of data protection in the GCC. We can guide you on your journey.


Our staff hold certification from the International Association of Privacy Professionals.

Why DP3R

unique proposition

We are the only consultancy in the Abu Dhabi that meets the statutory requirement to  represent you as your Data Protection Officer under both the EU GDPR and relevant laws across the GCC.


We are flexible. We can adapt our offering to your specific needs. Whether you are a SME, school or a soverign investor, we provide a holistic offering covering all areas of data protection and privacy compliance.


Our team has unparalleled experience in data protection in the GCC. Our leadership are recognised experts in data protection.  We are best placed to advise, support and assist you in achieving your goals. 


We are Emirati owned and GCC managed company with international experience and expertise. Our deep understanding of the GCC landscape with international expertise is your advantage.

We simplify data protection and privacy compliance.

Contact us for a no obligation discussion and assessment of your needs. We are an Abu Dhabi headquartered business. Please read our Privacy Policy which informs you on what we'll do with your personal data submitted on the form.

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