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We can represent you if you're not Established in the GCC. We can support you  with regional regulators.

As experts in the field, we are best placed to represent your brand in the region. We can help you manage your notification and compliance requirements.

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What is a Representative?


Data Protection and Privacy Laws are enacted to mitigate the risks to individuals personal data. However, in order to achieve that aim,  legislators globally including in the GCC have adopted a a Representative obligations on companies to ensure they are held accountable for their activities impacting residents or citizens.


A Representative is a legal entity within a country that represents the organisation that is not Established in the country. The Representative  has certain roles, tasks and functions in the Law. This includes being a point a contact between the organisation, the regulator and individuals.

Do I need to appoint a Representative?

Whether you need to appoint a Representative is dependent on whether you are within the scope of the Law.  For example, under the Bahrain Personal Data Protection Law No.30 of 2018, the scope of the law applies to:

  • Indivuduals living in the Kingdom;

  • Legal entities established in the Kingdom;

  • Individuals or legal entities who are not in the kingdom but processess pesonal data of data subjects in the Kingdom.

You are required to appoint a Representative if:

you are not Established in Bahrain; but

are processing personal of individuals in Bahrain.

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