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Training is a crucial part of data protection and privacy compliance. We can support you in raising awareness.

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Training is an essential part of compliance.


Organisations must put in place appropriate technical and organisational measures to comply with the Regulations. In practice, organisational measures including training and awareness. All employees must be provided with training which is refreshed on a regular basis.

At DP3R, our experts have developed a comprehensive eLearning course with UAE-Learn to be used for raising awareness and maintaining compliance with the UAE Data Protection Laws. Our expertise is relied upon by some of the largest organisations in the UAE. Learning data protection with Saif has never been easier.

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Train with Saif

Saif is an Emirati expert in data protection. In this eLearning course, he provides an interactive course which involves a mixture of videos, slides, recaps and quizzes to maximize engagement in the learning. 


The Course covers some of the key topics such as:

History of Data Protection & Privacy

Overview of the Data Protection frameworks

Key Definitions

Benefits of the Law

Principles for Processing Data Protection

Lawful Basis for Processing

Individual Rights


"Hello, I am Saif. Come and join me and Emma  to understand more about Data Protection."

Completion of the Course and the Assignment will provide a Certificate to demonstrate your organisation and employees awareness of the Law. 

How we can support

Our experts developed this course and have advised some of the largest organisations in the UAE including public sector and government owned entities. We can help you meet some of your compliance obligations  and provide training. 

Our eLearning can include the following:

Enterprise wide access to eLearning

Enterprise-wide discount available on number of seats

Discounts available for SMEs and certain sectors.

Ease of Management - we maintain the LMS and provide direct access to learners online

Support flexible payment arrangements

Provide Certificate on Completion

Regular updates as per changes in the Law, Cabinet Resolutions or Decisions by the Regulator

Support and guides on access.

We can also consider bespoke proposals such as face-to-face training

We can also provide individual access to training. Contact us for the rate.

ease of use

At DP3R, we manage and administer the eLearning platform with a carefully selected partner. We provide direct access including simple instructions to your employees. We manage your compliance - so you can focus on your success.

Cost effective

Our training is cost-effective with discounts available. The consequences for non-compliance can be a substantial both in financial but in reputational terms. Investing in training is crucial. Since we manage the LMS and the underlying technology, your costs are further reduced. 


eLearning provides flexibility. Whether you are a school, a small business or mutational company in critical industries, eLearning gives you the freedom to allow your employees to undertake their mandatory training at their own convenience. 

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